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AZ TAPE Pack of 12 Masking Tape, 1-inch Wide x 50 Yards Long, Use for Stationary, Office, Home, Arts, Crafts, Painters Best Masking Tape Pack of 12, Total Length 600 Yards

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The crepe paper on the backing of the tape is comfortable to handle and easily applicable, easily tearable and non-slithering. It is effortless to remove it or tear before removing, lifting and curling resisted by the excellent holding power, special backside treatment makes it easier to unwind, and it more controlled this way. Our premium quality masking tape is easy to remove, and it leaves no adhesive remains behind after removal, and the surface looks clean. Now you do not need to worry anymore, because there are no stains left to clean from adhesives. Our high-quality general purpose beige, white masking tape provides excellent adhesive results on many surfaces in various fields, packaging, light bundling, light-duty masking, sealing and closing etc. The masking tape is 1-inch wide x 50 yards long, 4.4 mils in thickness and comes in a pack of 12 and a total of 600 yards.
A multi-purpose product known as masking tape is a tool that plays its part in almost every designing project. This trusty tool is way more critical when it comes to achieving a clean design, and all those clean straight corners are achieved with it. It not the least use of masking tape, it can be helpful in many ways. Homes, offices, and anything related to stationery and arts include this masking tape as one of the essential components. There are fakes in the market, but we are giving the best quality you can find in the market for your next art or painting. The masking tape by AZ TAPE is of excellent quality with 1 in width, which is enough to use on canvases and boards for achieving straight and clean lines. Our masking tape works well and great with wood, paper, and even metal, and there is a total of 12 rolls of 50 yards each which gives 600 yards of total length that is a lot of quality tape and meager cost. It is light but practical and easily removable and doesn't stick to surfaces permanently and doesn't leave any marks. So even after removing it, the surfaces look like the way they were before the masking tape was applied. We provide you with the best in the market quality, and our product can be used for temporary sealing or masking. Adequately attached to the surface gives you the best results, and 4.4 mil thickness makes it durable enough to hold some pressure.

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